Farm holidays in Feldkirchen in the rural idyll

Experience an unforgettable holiday on a farm in Feldkirchen. The idyllic farm invites you to relax – away from big city noise and office stress. Take your time and allow yourself a break!

"Time goes no faster than before, but we walk past her to hurry"

George Orwell

Farm holidays in Feldkirchen for everyone

On the organic farm people of all ages are welcome, whether families with children, couples, singles, pensioners or pilgrims and hikers passing through. The farm holidays in Feldkirchen become a beautiful memory for everyone.

Farm holidays in Feldkirchen: Home of the animals

Marienhof is home to many animals - cuddly cats, a chattering flock of ducks, the dwarf goat Gretel, hardworking chickens, pigs and many cows.

Where the swallows live, you feel at home. So also the jay, popularly called Tschojer, calls Marienhof its home - this bird lives only where the environment is still intact.

Relax on the numerous seats and loungers in front of the house and watch the animals at their daily work.